Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two accidents at same intersection -- different times of the day.

  • The intersection at which I ended the video Wuxi Expat goes to work #1 had at least two accidents on Tuesday.  The first accident, between a bus and a SUV happened at 1130 a.m.  The bus was making a wide right turn and the SUV made a right turn on the inside.  The result was the front passenger side corner of the bus hit the SUV's driver side back door.  The second accident, that I saw, happened about 330 p.m.  Two black VW Santanas had a head-on collision, that was not so serious.  One of the Santanas was trying to make a quick left turn in front of the other Santana which was trying to go straight through the intersection.  The left-turning Santana did not succeed in its goal.  To accurately describe the left turn that was attempted, I would hope you understand it when I say that the left turning vehicle was essentially cutting off the on-coming vehicle.  Cutting off other drivers happens so often in China that it usually never raises someone's cackles, except when there is an accident. 
  • It must be the heat causing these accidents.  The temperature has been above thirty so far this week.  I am sweating.  We have turned the fan on in the bedroom.  Tony and Jenny are sleeping without covers.  Tony is wandering around the house in his underwear.
  • At the Tesco yesterday, I saw a group of five adults who must have never been in a Supermarket before.  When I first noticed them, their open-mouthed awe at the surroundings was very noticeable.  And when they laid eyes on me, the laowai, the newbies did an even more noticeable double-take.  Later, as Jenny and I went to the cashiers to pay for our groceries, I saw the five of them sit on the floor to rest and take in more of their surroundings.  I would have thought by now that most Chinese would have become accustomed to things like supermarkets.
  • The current high humidity means thunder showers and micro bursts in the Wuxi area. 

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