Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Canucks Fever. Sort of.

  • Are the Vancouver Canucks Canada's team?  Maybe not.  Having lived from the East Coast to the West Coast of Canada, I can remember when the Canucks barely entered the consciousness of this Montreal Canadiens fan who was then living in Quebec and New Brunswick. But then I moved to Manitoba and when I became a Jets fan, I hated the Canucks.  But when the Jets left Winnipeg and I moved to British Columbia, the Canucks became my team.  And I still cheer for them from afar here in China.  However, I was reminded of how many Canadians are loyal to their local team, and don't care for their neighboring Canadian team when I listened to a podcast segment of the Charles Adler show that asked if the Canucks were Canada's team.  I was reminded that many Oilers and Flames fans don't care for the Canucks.  And some of the Canucks detractors did make a point about British Columbians that I had forgotten -- some BCers have an element of barbarism to them.  Many of them, I recall, thought little of the Rest of Canada.  Be that as it may, I will cheer for the Canucks in the 2011 Final.
  • The Vancouver Canucks are definitely Wuxi China Expatdom's team.  Read about it here and here.
  • Do the Tampa Bay Lightning have fans?  Just wondering.
  • Ayira versus Oprah: the latest fight of the century.
  • Is Tony sleeping?
  • Video of Tony jumping on the couch.
  • I ask again, at a different site: Is Tony Sleeping?


Anonymous said...

Congrats! on the Canucks making the Stanley Cup finals.
You were rrright!
How can we ever doubt you again?

Andis Kaulins said...

I merely human. What can I say!

Colin said...

Ugh, Charles Adler...I remember when that blowhard fouled the air in Winnipeg. Shouting minus intelligence = crazy person on the street corner.

That said, GO 'NUCKS!

I base that on them being (nominally) Canadian, Vancouver being a really great place, and having photographed the team once a few years ago. Does that make me a fair weather fan? Maybe...oh well.