Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend Observations

  • Now there are water melon sellers near the location where, three or four years ago, I took the video Wuxi China Bengal Dog.  This year, the water melon sellers appear to be a couple with no children or pet dogs painted up.
  • Tony Kaulins went to a cinema for the first time on Saturday night.  Read about Tony's experience here.  The movie was nothing special.  The who Chinese movie experience was nothing special as well.  The popcorn is sweet.  The movie was shown without trailers.  The screen was square.
  • Friday it was broiling in Wuxi - literally Fryday.  Saturday was so cool that I had regrets about not having brought a jacket with me.
  • Holding Tony while standing on a crowded bus is painful.  Tony weighs a lot now so it is hard to hold him in one arm while I am holding onto a pole or stander's handle to maintain balance.
  • My sometime collaborator on the Wuxi China Expatdom Blog is having a birthday this Sunday.  Happy Birthday Harry!
  • Something tells me it's all happening in the WCE!  I do believe it!  I do believe it's true!  Woo hoo hoo!
  • Sunday on the way to work, I saw that another bus and car collision had occurred.

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