Monday, May 2, 2011

Keeping Up

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  • There seems to be so much in the news lately, as I was saying before, that it is hard to keep up with it all. 
  • I heard about the death of OBL while I was at Siemens in the Macallane Home Decoration Mall.  A foreigner I know mentioned that someone phoned him to tell him the news.  My first reaction was surprise that Bin Laden was alive after all these years.  I had assumed that he had been buried in some cave during an American bombing campaign.  His death didn't make me feel like gloating.  Vengeful gloating is unbecoming and far as I am aware, a sin.  Still, It is good that America did it.  It is good to see that Obama had the courtesy to tell Bush the news personally. 
  • I will monitor the Canadian election results with keen interest.  I would love to see the Liberals relegated to third place, and a Conservative majority.
  • The second round of the National Hockey League Playoffs have been surprising.  The way things seem to be playing out now presents the possibility of a Florida-California Stanley Cup Final -- that is, San Jose versus Tampa Bay.  I don't like the sound of that.
  • In Brandon, Manitoba, my parents are dealing with floods and snow.  Just within the last week, they say they got a foot of snow fall on their house.  The snow is the last thing a community dealing with floods have to deal with.  Meanwhile, I caught this news about CFB Shilo soldiers dying in a SUV accident。It happened on the low road that links Shilo and Brandon -- a road I know well and which I was able to ride last summer.
Cooking and Foot Massage
Monday, I did a second day of cooking for Siemens and had my first ever foot massage. 
The cooking went well.  We (and Zach with whom I do the cooking gig) made quesadilas, deluxe garlic cheese toast, and a potato-bacon-cheese jazz dish.  I called it a jazz dish because we had to improvise. We had planned to make baked potatoes, but when our assistants went to clean the potatoes, they also decided to peel them.  We were at a lost as to what to do.  We wrapped the peeled potatoes in tin foil, pierced them, and coated them with oil and garlic butter.  We put them in the oven, and sort of ignored them.  I was lucky to pull them out of the oven at the right time to see they had been cooked well.  We decided to slice up the potatoes and put them back in the oven with diced bacon and shredded mozzarella cheese.  The results, as Zach said, were awesome!
Afterwards, I got treated to a foot massage -- the first one I have ever had in over six years of living in Wuxi.  I know a lot of Expats get massages done regularly. They swear by them, as the saying goes.  For whatever reasons, I haven't.  There was one time I got a back massage -- it was nice but I never made a habit of it.  Yesterday, I can report that I enjoyed a wonderful tingling sensation on my feet as I left the massage place.  However, I felt a tinge of guilt as I was getting the massage -- I was wondering what Tony and Jenny were up to.
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