Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday Headlines

  • Tony wouldn't let his father sit and eat.
  • Tony had a cold and a very runny nose.
  • Tony likes to bite his father.
  • Tony gets out of eating by telling his mother he has to use the bathroom.
  • Tony likes to throw stones off bridges.  Looking at it through a child's eyes, I can see the wonder of it -- the rock arching in the air, and the big plop as it hits the water.
  • Tony gave his father a kiss at the reunion.
  • Tony can count to three.
  • Tony likes to get on parked buses.
  • Tony thinks goats are hilarious.
  • Tony touched a pig.
  • Tony likes to watch his father pee.  He laughs when he does.
  • Tony can go around without diapers.  I appreciate the savings.
  • Tony when meeting peers likes to go running with them.
  • Tony collects rocks.
  • Tony being  with you, on an evening walk on a pleasant evening, is a wonderful thing.  Especially when he falls asleep.
  • Tony gets spanked and slapped.  But he will slap back.
Kind Hearts and Coronets
I found the DVD for this classic British movie at Nanchang market.  In it, Alec Guiness gets killed eight times.  He plays all manner of characters of different ages, including once a woman.  For those of you who like only Sci-Fi and think movie making started in the 1980s, Alec Guiness played Obi Wan Kenobi -- a role he thought of as something of a joke.

Now, Voyager
I also purchased the DVD for this movie starring Bette Davis and Claude Rains at Nanchang Market.  Bette Davis plays a woman, repressed by her mother, who then becomes unrepressed and has a romance with a French architect.  It was alright movie and I wonder if a remake, complete with explicit sex scenes, has been made of it.

BTW, Claude Rains and Alec Guiness would both appear in Lawrence of Arabia.  So these two DVDs, randomly purchased and watched, have a connection.

  • Jenny is doing alright.  She has her parents helping her look after Tony.  Although, I wish I was there in the evening so I take Tony off her hands.  The little guy does not want to sleep.
  • Jenny misses me.  That is all that matters.
  • Her whatever-she-is-doing is proceeding well.
Countryside Bus
Riding a bus through the countryside is cool.  Is the staying in one place too long that drives me mad.

My Chinese
No, I am not talking about my concubine.  I should say, I don't have a concubine.  Anyway, I am talking about my spoken Chinese.  It sucks.  I was able to get a couple words edgewise with the Beixing locals as I walked about with Tony, but it was hard sailing.

Back to Work
What fresh horrors have awaited me?  None.  I am afraid to say.

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