Saturday, September 26, 2009

AKIC pulpiticizing

It is Sunday
I am going to stand behind a pulpit and do some pulpiticizing.

I went to the Breadtalk, a bakery chain, that is located nearest to my school in the building that was once called Ba Bai Ban.  Now, it is called Wuxi Yaohan or Wuxi Haoyan or something or other.  For those of you who are in the know about the location of places in the downtown of Wuxi, you will know what it is that I mean.

Anyway.  I walk in Breadtalk.  Let's talk bread!  I says.  

There were no takers but many blank starers.

Nice treatment
The people, at the McDonald's, that is located near my school, and that is kitty-corner (diagonally opposite) from  the place formerly known as Wuxi Yaohan or Wuxi Haoyan or -- you know what I mean, were especially nice to me today.  I was served with a flourish.  The female manager who took my order presented, not gave, me my change in a most formal manner, standing at attention and lifting both hands, holding the notes squarely and firmly, like she was about to put the royal crown on a monarch's head.  The manager of the place then held the door open for me as I left.  I blushed.

Di Yah!
That is what Tony says when he is not happy with the way he is being treated.  As he says this, he will spin and fall to the ground.

Josie returns from Singapore
Josie, a Study Advisor at our school, returned from Singapore bearing a bag of gifts.  I had the honour of being able to select a gift from the bag.  I choose a key chain/nail clipper/bottle opener combination bearing an image of the skyline of Singapore under which appeared the words "Singapore".  Very useful.

Maralin and Joe
Speaking of gifts, I got a bag of books from Maralin and Joe Fritz from Arizona, U.S.A.  I now have enough reading to last any countryside ordeal I will have in the next few months.  Thank you!

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