Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday (Tuesday) Headlines

Friday is Tuesday
It really is.  Learn to accept it.

Change Bedrooms!
Jenny's father is being cantankerous.  My wife complains about him always wanting to change the room at which She and Tony sleep.  The in-laws' compound has two bedrooms.  Which one she has to sleep in is decided by the whim of her father.

Kill Doggie
There is a troublesome dog at the inlaws' compound.  The general consensus 'cept one person is to get rid of the dog.  You-guess-who wants to keep the dog.  I am thinking of  a way to get the dog thrown off a bridge or run over by a passing truck.  This dog is a mean-bite-anyone-who-comes-close son-of-a-bitch dog.  It has me wishing that the prejudice about Chinese eating dogs was true.

I don't know!
Ask me any questions from now on, I will tell you "I don't know!"  For as  Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi says "He is great who is not ashamed to admit he does not know."

I hate it when things are slow.  The Devil finds things for my idle hands to do like go to the comment board.  I think I will ask these questions:
  • What fruit does the KoW most resemble?
  • They named a brandy after Napoleon and a salad after Caesar, what will they name after the KoW?
  • What breed of dog does the KoW most resemble?
  • If the KoW were a NFL franchise what franchise would he be?
  • Does the KoW like the designated hitter rule?
  • Does the KoW like the wildcard in baseball?  (If he does, he is going to hell.  Do not pass go!.  Do not collect 200 dollars!)
  • Did somebody say sauerkraut?
  • What McDonald's Sandwich does the KoW most resemble?
  • If the KoW were a letter of the Greek alphabet, what letter would he be?
  • What element on the periodic table does the KoW most resemble?
  • Did somebody see my underwear?
  • If the KoW didn't come from Winnipeg, where would  he come from?
  • What Canadian Prime Minister does the KoW most resemble?
  • What Oscar-Winning Actress, supporting or lead, does the KoW most resemble?
  • How much are you willing to pay for a strand of the KoW's hair, tax included?
  • What industrial tool bit does the KoW most resemble?
  • Does the KoW change his own light bulbs?
  • How often do you think the KoW uses the bathroom?
  • What is the first thing you would do if you were the KoW for a day?

David Warren's latest quotes
Three new columns at David Warren's website.  I will cut and paste some choice quotes:
  • Love is at the root of all knowledge.  (This conflicts with the modern need to be cool.)
  • There is no one left quite like Fisher: a partisan by nature, as all good men are, but in a spirit so tall and generous that he could see over party lines.  (This Fisher was a CCFer -- nevertheless he earned praise from Warren.  I appreciate Warren saying the all good men are partisan by nature.  Talk of bi-partisanship that you hear so often like it is a good thing drives me nuts.  Again this conflicts with the modern posture of being cool and above it all.)
  • The  quotes above are from the column News from the front.
  • ..Refuse to worship in the temples of the gods of money and power and coolness.  (Ah yes!  To hear Warren mention my bugaboo, the coolness posture, warms my cackles.)
  • be truthful in speech, fair and even charitable in speaking of other people, and look constantly for whatever good we can find in them. Be encouraging rather than discouraging by habit, and most important, do not spread personal gossip and lies, even against our worst enemies, and even when we think they deserve it.  (So true.  But I need to remind myself constantly to be this way -- often, I am not.)
  • be content with what we have in our family and religious life, make ourselves happy with the homes we have to return to, and do not look covetously upon the Joneses. Accept with humility our station in life; have ambitions, but make them unselfish.  (Ditto!  What I said for the previous quote applies to this.)
  • The quotes above are from the column Ten suggestions
  • From Anti-anti:  Russia will now withdraw her own threat to install new missile batteries in retaliation for any Czech or Polish desire to be protected from Russia. This will sound very generous to persons of the peacenik persuasion: for after all, what's the difference between offensive and defensive arrangements? (The answer is, night and day.)

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