Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Night on Planet AKIC

What Planet are Ya from?
For me, it is hard to say.  I am not of this world or that one. 
Works in Progress
I have a couple big blog entries to post as soon as I am completed.  One is another steam of concoiusness piece that I have been working on for the past week.  The other piece will be a long list of links I have come across that I think are interesting.
My New Phone
My new mobile is alright.  I don't like the fact it isn't a clam shell.  The key lock procedure I find un-nerving.  And the media player isn't loud enough to drown out background noises while riding the bus.
Boy Tony's Strange Actions
Don't blame the Boy!  His Dad is an Alien!  (Funny, there is a female student has given herself the name "Alien".  I like her as a student because she has eccentric things to say. Girls like her would be savaged in the West.  Here, they thrive.  Bravo for China!  But that is another story.)  Tony likes to rub his Dad's face with old socks, toy screwdrivers, and plastic blocks.  He thinks it is hilarious when his Dad does prat falls.  He also loves to bite his father and pull down his father's underpants.  Furthermore, he loves to kiss his Mother's body all over.

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