Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Anon is Now

As Promised
As promised, I am back with more random observations and unwisdom.  It being a slow Friday afternoon, I have this urge to fill time with never ending blogging.

There is a certain amount of terror involved in being married.  If your a husband, you worry about angering your wife, and things going wrong in general because you know you are going to get pounded for it.  But all you can do is rise to the occasion and withdraw from anger if necessity demands it.

Toilet Training
Tony is at point where if he needs to do poo-poo, he will grab his mom by the hand and lead her to the toilet.  He still has problems with pee-pee.  This morning, though, I did get to him pee in the toilet by holding him over it.  Mind you, not head first.

Hated to see me leave?
My having to go to work, this morning, upset Tony.  I think he was angry because he wanted to go for a walk.  Seeing me get dressed, he brought his shoes to me so I could put them on.  It was hard to tell him that I couldn't.  

Hopefully, Jenny took him out later.

Warren on Kennedy
The writer whose thoughts I most wanted to read about Ted Kennedy was David Warren, an old-school Canadian Patriot, a Conservative, and unapologetic Catholic.    He initially didn't say anything about the Senator citing Chilon, a Spartan:  De mortuis nil nisi bonum. Of the dead, speak nothing but good -- at least, until after the funeral.  But after reader protests, he wrote a Ted Kennedy column.  I wasn't surprised by the bad things he had to say about Kennedy: Chappaquiddick, and his being a traitor, sometimes, to his country and his religion.  But I looked forward to Warren providing food for thought.    In this column, Warren said this:  The hardest thing is to accept that persons we may utterly abhor have some good qualities. But it is necessary to allow them, if we are to detest people worthily, and companionably, and with love.  Warren even went so far as to say that Ted Kennedy had some great qualities.  I wouldn't have done that.  But from now, I will admit Kennedy wasn't all bad.  

Warren's column is a model for eulogizing those we utterly abhor.  

Wife monitors my eating habits.
I just got a phone call from Jenny.  She is wondering what I had for lunch.  I had to admit that I was lazy.  I had a Pepsi and a bag of microwave popcorn.  For supper, I will go have some Muslim Noodles as she insisted that I do.

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