Friday, February 27, 2009

Wife says she is still mad at me.

When my wife says she is still mad at me, it is an improvement. Because it is when she doesn't speak to me that the situation is very grave.

Could I say Economics is a social science? Keeping in mind what Hayek said about the word "social" being a weasel word, and someone rightly pointing out that the world "social" negates the word it is modifying (social justice is thus non-justice; social policy is non-policy), you could very well say Economics is a non-science. But I hesitate to use the word "social" with economics because economics is a useful field of study.

This Obama man, name of Holder, said this: Simply put, to get to the heart of this country (America) one must examine its racial soul. I am not sure what he means by "racial soul". Souls are things that separate from our bodies at death. Souls transcend the idea of race, because they are eternal and leave this silly world of politics, while the bodies we have, whatever skin color, are transient. So how can souls be racial? It is like saying souls are fat or thin or bandy-legged. But. Whatever. It is a thought that struck me as good enough to provide content for this blog.

I wonder what one has to do to get to the heart of China. Examine its _____ soul? The Americans of the left-wing variety must think America is the only country in the world.

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