Friday, February 27, 2009

Fairy Tales

Reading this book by G.K. Chesterton, has lead me to this Grimm's Fairy Tale site. So many things I have to think about for Tony's future. But with the Fairy tale site, I can look forward to exploring the exciting world of Children's classic literature. I want Tony to grow up enchanted.

My wife wants him to learn Kung Fu and Karate but that is another story.

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Don Tai said...

I'm, by necessity, a self professed "expert" in bedtime stories for boys under 7 years old.

Repeatedly I have struck out with Mr. Hans Christian Anderson and his great, in my opinion, Grimms fairy tales. The feedback I got was they were too long with not enough pictures. Someone told me that if I liked them so much that I should read them to myself. I try my best.

Abridged/shortened Mother Goose stories went over really well at Tony's age. Damned if i know where you'd get them in China though. Real books seem to be better when going to bed. There seems to be no snuggle points for computers.

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