Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Slim Squeezings.

It has been another one of those days where I have nothing to offer you but videos and a complaint about how the day has been difficult for squeezing any ideas from my mind which can be put in this blog. So, another day of AKIC blogging bullits.

  • Today, I took my electric bike to work for only the second time in the year of the Ox. Rare readers may recall how the first ride of the year of the Bull saw me get a flat tire which lead me to find a easier way to get home that involved taking a bus and a motorcycle taxi. I was inspired by Barry's book "The Audacity of Hope" to stay close to the common people of China and ride my electric bike to work. Barry, by complaining that flying in a private jet separated him from the ordinary folk who have to ride commercial, brought tears to my eyes. His compassion showed him to an ineffably wonderful human being with all the attributes of Jesus Christ. Barry, being the ultra caring man that he is, has probably forgiven the people on his staff who suggested he ride private in the first place. I bet he even doubled their salaries as a way of making them feel better about themselves so that they might become productive.
  • On Twitter, I mentioned that I was ironing pants. Someone then asked why my wife Jenny wasn't ironing my pants. Good question. I never thought of that before. I will go ask my wife, the lightweight champion of all of Jiangsu, that question right now..... Not.
  • Barry so inspires me that I feel I can walk on water. And walking through some water today, I did feel I was walking on water. But then I realized that I was in a shallow puddle below which was pavement.
  • All the Chinese did over the New Year's holiday was eat and sleep. Some felt short-changed on the hongbao (red money envelope) front though.
  • Tony knew we were going out. So he pulled his shoes from the shoe shelf by the apartment entrance. He put the shoes on the floor so his mother could put them on.
  • If Tony doesn't want to be fed, he will put his arm up in a blocking gesture. He may also try to redirect the food to the attempting feeder's mouth.
  • Liberal Democrats don't mind raising tax rates because they don't have to pay them. They also don't seem to mind making people ride public transit because they won't ride it either. I know people like this in Wuxi who wouldn't lower themselves to take a bus but then say we must do something about global warming or the enviroment.
  • You can get a glimspe in the private lives of Wuxi people if you take a bike ride. Tonight on my way back home, I saw a couple tussle on a bridge over a canal that stunk. I prefer my personal dramas to take place in nice-smelling areas.
  • I wonder how Harry Moore's love life is doing. I hope he finds that special woman.
  • It is getting warmer in the Wux. I can't wear a balaclava on my bike ride home.
  • I don't think I have any romantic movies in my DVD collection. I notice this because I should be showing the students a Romantic movie on my Saturday, February 14th movie corner. I will consult this list and see if I can find one of the movies tomorrow.

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