Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chicken Curry

The wife made Chicken Curry yesterday. Yum.

A poll of four business class students showed they all supported what ever President Oprah was doing about the economy. There was no point in arguing - none of them would have understood.

To teach English, the students must be made to understand that they have to work at it and develop good study and speaking habits. Discipline! Discipline! Discipline! A teacher won't do anything to get them to improve till they do this. They can have fun learning if they want. But the fun would be so much better if it had a structure and a purpose, not a hairy-fairy wish that the mere act of talking will somehow magically make them better English speakers.

Furthermore, grammar is important. It is part of the structure and discipline of learning a language. And strangely enough the structure can improve one's imagination. Which is also important in using the language to best communicate.

Weather wise (this is an indication that I have nothing to blog about), it is still cold and wet in Wuxi. I would like to take my bike to school again but it looks like I will have to wait.

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