Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Evening.

It is Wednesday evening here in Wuxi. I am at home, keeping my eye on the next room making sure Tony doesn't get into things he shouldn't. I should add that I also have to make sure that he doesn't get onto to things he shouldn't, like the TV stand!

Anyway, I did elicit a few laughs from El Hombre Petito. Holding my Tony in my arms, I saw my wife's lovely bum. And I said to Tony: "watch this!". I pinched her bum and laughed diabolically. Tony joined in the laughter. I pinched my wife's bum again and laughed like a naughty little boy. Tony laughed even louder. I then pressed an index finger to the same area and laughed even more outlandishly. Tony giggled likewise and then imitated my actions.

Between spanking and yelling, we can have good fun together, father and son and mother.

However my fourth attempt to pinched my wife's bum resulted in my wife slapping me on the face. I turned sullen while Tony continued to laugh. Actually, this part is fiction but would have made for good blogging if it had happened.)

I had this inkling of something unpleasant happening today. Later in the day, it did. I will have to stop thinking.

Nobody messes with Joe. Not even Oprah!


mberenis said...

where is the bengal dog? Help! is it real or dye

Andis Kaulins said...

The video:

was taken over a year ago. The people in the video were set up temporarily on a side street. It was water melon season in Wuxi.

I assume it was dyed. The practice of dying animals is not uncommon here in Wuxi,