Monday, February 16, 2009

How I was getting home tonight.

There wasn't enough light to make this video. You may be able to see the back of some seats and some heads. You can hear me to talking to a student who happens to live out Yangqiao way like I do.

She told me of another way I could get home in the evening that is cheaper than the motorcycle taxi option I have been using the past few weeks.

What she does is catch a inter-city bus by the bus station near the Baoli mall. The bus she catches there goes to Jiangying and stops in Yangqiao on the way for 5 rmb - a 10 rmb saving on the motorcycle taxi. I have ridden these type of buses in Yangqiao, Changzhou, and Yixing. They are cheap but annoyingly slow. They will stop anywhere and can be flagged down at anytime. They leave the first stop when they have enough passengers. They will fill themselves over legal capacity.

The bus tonight left late and so I arrived home later than when taking my other options - my electric bike or the motorcycle taxi. When I was left off, I had a ten minute walk home. Because I arrived home late, the wife was displeased. She wasn't even impressed by the 10 rmb saving. So I doubt if I will be taking that the bus again.

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