Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rainy Season in Wuxi?

We have had a long period of rain here in Wuxi, China. I have heard one person tell me that we are in the midst of Wuxi's rainy season.

But are we? Students tonight told me that the rain we have been having is very unusual, not normal as it were, meaning the current rain is not seasonal.

And in the four years I have been in Wuxi, I haven't picked on any seasonal pattern.

As I make this blog entry, I am in the doghouse it would appear with the wife. At least, I think I am. There is there terrifying air of silence I am nervous to break by asking her if anything is the matter.

Is the fact that she hasn't made me supper a clue?

It all stems from the Tony getting a shiner incident I made mention of in a recent entry.

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