Thursday, March 22, 2012

Time to shed the long johns and give my rare readers some links.

  • Whether it is warm enough or not, I have decided to shed my long johns.
  • I was given a tour of the TWB bearing factory.  I quite enjoyed being able to witness the manufacturing process.  I was impressed by how complex it was.
  • The China History Podcast has made changes to its site.  I suggest that you check it out!
  • And then there is the Baseball History Podcast.  You may not like the announcer's voice and speaking style but I have grown to appreciate and like it.  A genuine amateur who loves what he is talking about without the bombast and the slickness.  He has lots of interesting information to pass on about baseball history.  A baseball card turned into a podcast.  What could be finer?
  • Jenny and Tony went to Shanghai to pick up Tony's passport.  They took the fast train out there and the slow train back.  Only 20 rmb to ride the slow train if you are willing to give up an hour of your life.

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