Thursday, March 15, 2012

I forgot to mention...

  • A week of rain in Wuxi.  Lovely!!
  • I did an English Corner on Popularity.  I asked the students who was popular in Wuxi.  A student at the back said Mao Xiao Peng, in an ironic tone, and the other students laughed.  Mao Xiao Peng had been Mayor till he was deposed because of corruption allegations.
  • A student tells me that her grandfather almost faced combat in the Korean War.  He was part of the third way of the PLA that was going to cross the Yalu River into Korea.  But just as it was about to cross, the war ended.
  • Another student told me that his grandparents had a golden cow that had to be turned over during the Cultural Revolution.
  • Another student told me about a great grandparent of hers that lived till the age ninety.  The student was twenty years old when the great grandparent died!
  • I picked a quarrel with a student during an SPC about quarreling.

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