Friday, March 23, 2012

Bus Stops of Wuxi China #17

  • You can see the seventeenth bus stop of my stirring photo series here.
  • I ask the students to tell me a famous person they admire.  They often say either Chairman Mao or Deng Xiao Peng.
  • I ask the students what they don't like about Chinese culture.  One student mentioned spitting.  Another said The ******ist ***ty.  I let the second thing said pass without comment.
  • The best pizza in Wuxi is to be found at Trattoria Ferrara Italian Restaurant near our school.  TF's address is #2 118 Zhongshan Road.  TF actually faces a side street that is off Zhongshan Road near the Ming Du Da Xia apartments.  Go there or be square!!!
  • We have got Tony's passport.  We have got Jenny's Visa.  We'll be going back to Canada from Late May to Early June.  I will be playing a lot of Yahtzee with my father in Brandon, Manitoba.
  • Obama has a plan B.

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