Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scenes from my life in Wuxi, China #8

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Anonymous said...

AKIC Rocks!
Yes it does, I'm Happy Your PC arrived, there should be another right behind it.
Episode #8 of SWC was well put together, the lighting is very natural & the way you put video clips in the middle. Good hair & makeup you did not look like Conan O'Brien in #8 Nice Work! Also enjoyed the way you cut back to having a nip of the Crown Royal, nice touch! It would be cool when you do your cut backs...that you would be having a sip of some Pineapple Beer or local beverage bottle or can! Entertaining & informative! " Today's beverage of choice is..."
Tony's English is getting so good, it's hard to believe that I have listened to his progress thru your videos since his birth!

Another Wow! for AKIC this day,
Mr Ron