Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alas-ing thoughts on an AKIC weekend

  • An AKIC weekend isn't the same as a TKIC or JKIC weekend.  Alas.
  • I have been reading lots of Andrew Breitbart obits since his very untimely death late last week.  He certainly was a courageous fellow in that he was willing to face being hated by people who disagreed with him.  I wish I could have been much more that way.  On this blog, I have turned off a few readers with my political opinions but I have learned to live with that.  Those people are too far away and disembodied to matter.  But, alas, in person I have let too much vile anti-Americanism, vile anti-Catholicism, Atheism, and vile anti-Conservatism pass before me without retort.  I am an utter coward on that front, and I am either hated or disrespected because of it.
  • I wish I had brought my camera out when I saw these two examples of locals doing calisthenics:  1) An old man was doing a slow march around the Jiazhouyangfang apartment complex.  He looked like a PLA Solidier marching in slow motion.  2)A taxi driver, his vehicle parked on the side of the road, was doing Tai Chi.  He looked, from a distance, like he was dancing besides his car.
  • Three cheers for Rush Limbaugh!  His only mistake was that he used crude words to tell the truth.  He was big enough to admit he shouldn't have used those words, but the essence of the argument he was making was correct.  But truth doesn't matter to the Left and they really don't care, truly, about men being gentlemen and not saying crude or untrue things about women.  How come none of them apologized for the vile blood-libels they made about Sarah Palin after the Arizona tragedy?  Some even went so far as to question Palin defending herself and using the word blood-libel.

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