Friday, February 18, 2011

Who is Hooligan Rabbit?

  • The topic for my conversation class, last night, was animals.  During the discussions, one of the students asked if I have heard of a rabbit character that was known to the Chinese as "Hooligan Rabbit"?  I immediately thought of Bugs Bunny and asked the student if the rabbit character, he was talking about, like to eat carrots and was always outsmarting his enemies.  The student told me Hooligan Rabbit did do these things.  I grew up watching Bugs Bunny I told the student.
  • Tony gets yet more track for his train set.  Read this account or that account of the dramatic, history-making, paradigm-changing, consensus-forming purchase.
  • Friday evening, I happened to be at HOLA -- House of Living Art, a Japanese version of Ikea in the Wuxi's Baoli Shopping Mall.  I was there to pick up my wife and son.  I went there after work, so it was 930 pm, closing time for the store.  I saw my wife in a long line-up at cashiers.  I took Tony from her so I could play with him in the mall area outside the store.  It was while out there, that I heard some screaming.  My first thought was that Jenny was arguing.  When my wife shops, she is like a iron rod -- she is all business and you wouldn't want to cross her.  Thankfully, when I returned to the store, she wasn't the one screaming.  What I did get to see were two pairs of women, I didn't know, screaming at each other.  They pointed fingers at each other, as they screamed, in Wuxi Dialect, and had to be physically restrained from each other.  They screamed at each other non-stop for a good five minutes as they waited in line.  What I thought had happened, and Jenny later confirmed this, was that the women were arguing over who would take the last item from a clearance table.  I was half-hoping, I am ashamed to admit, for them to come to blows.  Thankfully, they didn't and I can do penance for this by telling you how I honestly felt at the time. (*Writing a blog, there is always the problem of what to blog about everyday.  Witnessing Brawls and Fights makes blogging easy.*)
  • One of our sales girls went to Dubai for the holidays.  I had to ask a few times to confirm that she had gone to the Dubai that is in the Middle East.  What did she do there?  To go shopping.
  • One thing I forgot to mention about the K Boys exploring a park, an old factory, and a canal:  After our exploration of the area, we returned to the road to catch a bus back to Casa K (our apartment).  I was carrying Tony on my shoulders.  I suppose we were quite the sight for passing motorists:  a laowai with his son  on his shoulders, walking along the highway -- a laowai is a rare enough sight as it is in the area of Casa K.  I thought about this after I noticed, in a passing bus, a driver motioning to a passenger to turn around and catch a glance at us.
  • Something tells me it is all happening at the Wuxi, China Expatdom where the search for the missing Wuxi Expats, sort of, continues.

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