Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Era begins at AKIC

What new era? AKIC has entered the post Beixin Chinese New Year Chronicle phase of its' entry publishing.
Links and Notes:
  • Wuxi China Expatdom: the movie.
  • Good Night Tony?: A short story.
  • Tony usually hogs the TV and DVD player at home. But I was able to watch The Gauntlet starring Clint Eastwood over Tony's protestations. There was enough visual action featuring motorcycles, trains, buses, guns, and helicopters to keep Tony's interest. The Gauntlet was a fun movie to watch. Clint looked cool on a Harley. But it is not a movie I will watch again. The scenes with the cops firing lots and lots of guns and rounds at buses and houses were silly. The movie plot could have gone on just as well without those scenes.
  • What I did on the last day of my CNY holiday.
  • I read on the Internet that China was censoring coverage of events in Egypt because people were converging at a square with a T-name. But when I was in Beixin, I was only able to get any news about Egypt on CCTV9, China's only English channel. They didn't mention the T-word but they did talk of protesters wanting democracy. The question is what was shown on the Chinese language news shows.
  • I was probably the only person in Beixin who gave a hoot about what was happening in Egypt.
  • Coming back to Wuxi, I was able to get more perspective about the events in Egypt. But I have to conclude that no one really knows what is happening in Egypt. The causes are complex and the best thing other world leaders can do is keep a tight lip and deal with whatever the end result of the crisis will be.
  • So far, none of the students seem to know anything about what is happening in Egypt.
  • Tony rushes the stage.
  • Interestingly, my blog is now giving me some connections in the town my Parents live: Brandon Manitoba, Canada. Here is the website of a Wuxiren who has lived in Brandon since 1991. Here is are some links (one and two) for a Brandon Sun Photographer who is very familiar with China.
  • Modern China, circa 2011.
  • The garbage in China disgusts me. How do the people put up with it?
  • A group photo.
  • Who's that?

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