Monday, February 28, 2011

Put another entry in the bloggy!

  • Looks like the fire needs another loggy!    I am on a rhyming roll.
  • I watched Sons of Anarchy, season one's second-last episode, last evening.  It was quite affecting.  I shouldn't give the plot away but tragic circumstances of the plot made that particular episode, the best of the series so far.
  • Don't smoke in the apartment, it makes it smoggy!     Yeah!
  • Anyway, or as I prefer to say: anywho.  Tony's Spring Festival holiday is over.  Dad has just put Tony into the van that takes him to kindergarten.
  • I don't like pilsners, I prefer to drink a loggy!  Maybe not.
  • On an recommendation from a rare reader, I have listened to a podcast, originating from Canada, called Wiretap.  (you can find it by googling "wiretap podcast").  After listening to three episodes, I can say that it sounds, to me, like a Canadian Audio version of Seinfeld -- a show about nothing.  Not that there's anything wrong with that -- it is the small things that make life.  Still, I see old men having to pull carts laden with bricks early in the morning, and so I must never forget that being frivolous is a luxury many can't afford.
  • I also listened to a Econotalk podcast with guest George Will.  It was interesting enough podcast though really not having much to do with Economics.  Will spoke about two topics dear to my heart: the contention that today's political discourse is over the top, and baseball.  On the former, Will said that partisan politics has always been rough and tumble, and that in the past it has been more so.  If anything today, there are, as he put it, more ignoramuses with soapboxes, but that ultimately their effect is to drown each other out.  On baseball, he said the sport is in good shape because of Jackie Robinson, Free Agency, and the building of many Camdem Yard like baseball stadiums.  He wished the DH will go away.  All good points.  However, he didn't say anything about the wild card -- the most noxious thing, I feel, to happen to baseball other than the steroid controversy.
  • Student said I had to get "a new virgin of a program."
  • After our walk (see links below), Tony and I boarded a crowded bus.  Someone wanted to yield us their seat but I declined because Tony and I were only going to get off after three stops.  (The deference shown to Tony and I from the locals on the bus is wonderful.)  However, Tony said "sit down" because he didn't care to stand.  And as luck would have it, someone else yielded their seat to us.
  • AKIC&TKIC Links:  Tony's latest toy purchase, Yummy things Expats can buy in Wuxi supermarkets, Tony goes back to school,  Hot&Sour Fish Soup Flavour Potato ChipsTKIC and AKIC went for a walk on Monday afternoon,  Duke Snider R.I.P.,  George Clooney and Mango, Tony tries to hide from admirers, and Missing Wuxi China Expats Update.

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