Thursday, February 17, 2011

I ride a double-decker bus to work, and publish a photo essay.

  • Here is the link to an extended photo essay I have published about a recent visit Tony and I made to an area with a park, cabbage fields, an abandoned factory, and a canal.  I should try to do more of these essays -- they require time and me to clean my prose.  I vow, that for now, I will try to do at least one a week.  I bloggeth too hastily, I do.  I need to spend more of my blogging time making quality entries, instead of throwing up photos and writings half-dashed as I have been.
  • I bought Tony an addition to his train set.  I have written two accounts of this here and here.
  • I took a double-decker bus to get to school this morning.  I took the 610 bus downtown because it showed up first at the stop near my home and had unoccupied seats.  Taking the 610 means I have to transfer to another bus to get downtown.  At the downtown stop, I saw a girl from work board the 81 double-decker bus, and I asked her if that bus  would stop by the school.  It did, but it felt strange to go all the way to the back of the bus's upper floor when I was going to be getting off in just three stops anyway.
  • More silliness happening in the Wuxi China Expatdom.
  • Yesterday, I had a record number of views on AKIC wordpress.
  • I watched the first ten minutes of the Social Network -- it looks interesting.  One of these days, I will have the time to sit and watch the entire flick.
  • Tony on the computer while I am in bed trying to fall asleep.  He is watching two minute videos of trains.  He runs into the bedroom when the videos are finished and gest me out of bed to start another video for him.  I make him give me a kiss and find my slippers before I assist him.
  • What I believe and what I am -- is there a conflict?  Yes.  But it is a conflict borne from inaction and not hypocrisy.  I don't readily say what I think.  I don't readily practice what I believe.
  • One student attended my English Corner on Thursday afternoon, and she would barely talk.  I had chosen the topic of Sympathy and Empathy.  She understood the topic, I think, answering questions slowly but corrrectly.  But she got confused when I asked questions to test she knew the concept.  She said she had no sympathy for people beyond her family. (I would say I have much more sympathy than empathy in me.  I'm in the same boat with no one.)

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