Monday, February 14, 2011

All about Tony Kaulins 02/15/2011

  • Tony is putting garbage in garbage cans without being told.  His parents worry that he is sometimes throwing non-garbage items in the cans.
  • Tony lined up his toy cars on a table making for a grand photo which his father duly took.
  • Monday morning, Tony was screaming at the top of lungs in bed.  Possibly he was trying to rouse his mother by scaring her.
  • Tony will hide things from his parents.  The latest thing he hid was a combination tool.  His father had been using it to fix one of Tony's toy trains.
  • Tony can now say "thank you very much!"
  • Tony will look in drawers for things he needs whether they be drinking straws or toy cars.  What will "help-himself Tony" help himself to next?  Visit this site every day to find out.

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