Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top Ten Wuxi Expat Moments of 2010

Wuxi Expats had many reasons to be grateful in 2010.  Here are the most important:
  • Stewart Dingle was seen wearing shorts.
  • AKIC appoints Gorzo the Mighty to be the King of Wuxi Expats.
  • The #25 bus hours of operation are extended.
  • The former KoW leaves Wuxi only to be replaced by another SoB.
  • The Hui Shan Tesco opens.
  • AKIC finds out about the #635 bus that goes out to Yanqiao in the evenings.
  • AKIC doesn't go to the Shanghai Expo.
  • AKIC bought the complete writings of Flannery O'Connor in Winnipeg, Canada.
  • AKIC buys the first three season of the show Sons or Anarchy.
  • The Wuxi Red Guards win the last three games of their fantasy football season to finish in second place in their division with a record of eight wins and six losses.
  • **Bonus** Wuxi Andis dips KFC fries into KFC mashed potatoes creating a new Wuxi Expat treat. 

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