Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bloguendos and other thoughts.

  • If you want to make revolution, you are going to need a well-equipped kitchen with the best cookware that Capitalism can provide.
  • When it comes to Western New Year's, I am becoming Chinese.  None of my students has any big plans for the December 31st New Year's eve.  For them it is just another night.  Some may watch the end-of-the-calendar special on Chinese Central Television, but nothing more.  I will be working till nine that evening and taking the bus home.  I will bee spending midnight in bed with my family.
  • If you really want to know what it is like to be in another man's shoes, you should wear his undershorts -- that way, you will know the true fabric of the man.
  • A reader tells me that the revolving doors at the Moresky360 building are working fine.  Hmmm, maybe I was fed  load by someone from the Hongdo building.  Whatever.
  • I have watched the first four episodes of the Sons of Anarchy series.  I am enjoying it, even though it is over the top, and I feel I am being manipulated to like bad guys.  The show is about a fictional motorcycle gang that resembles the all-too-real Hell's Angels.  The series is full of sex, violence, tattoos, crime, and macho-posing.  The series writing is generally pretty good, though one time I thought it was unintentionally funny when one of the SOA gang members said the series star character Jax was having a rough two weeks -- besides having his crack-addict wife give birth to a premature baby, Jax had engaged in several gratuitous acts of violence, had lots of sex, seen three or four people die, had run-ins with his boss, and had an argument with a cop -- apparently the premature baby thing was weighing on his mind.  And I find myself feeling compelled to cheer against the only figure who believes in law-and-order -- the deputy to the corrupt sheriff of the country that SOA are based in.  My personal experience with motorcycle gangs is minimal.  I have seen Hell's Angels on the roads.  I once had a Hell's Angel sign for a delivery -- he was one of the nicest people I had ever sign for a parcel.  I also made deliveries to a bike shop in Pitt Meadows British Columbia called Haney Hawgs -- the people there were heavily tattooed, and one time I saw the cops making a visit -- the verbal sparring resembled what I have seen in SOA.
  • It's an eerie feeling to have one of those coach-style buses come to a sudden stop.  It happened on Wednesday night when the company bus I was taking home from a Compart company class.  It looked like one coach had cut off another, and so the driver of the coach I was in decided to block the other coach off, to make a point.

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