Saturday, December 25, 2010

Boxing Day Jottlings

  • One of these names was the real name of a real head coach:  "Elbows Elroy"; "Rollie Fingers"; "Blue Eyes Sinatra"; "Ankles Anderson"; "Toe Blake", "Knee Smith"; and "Feet Ford".  Can you guess which one is correct?  Email me at if you want to know the correct answer.
  • Is the founder of Wookie Leaks, a kinky deviant sex criminal?
  • If a Hate Crime deserves a more severe punishment than a normal crime; does it mean that a Love Crime deserves a lesser punishment?
  • Tony did sing Happy Birthday on my Birthday that was on December 24.
  • I like to think that you can verify an idea by checking to see if it has an opposite.  For example, does Hate Crime mean there are Love Crimes?  Name and No Names?  Does Commitment to Excellence mean there is a commitment to failure?
  • Barriers around the church near our school.  Is it how Christmas is to be celebrated?  Are the powers that be here in China afraid of crowds of Christians?
  • On my bus trip downtown on December 24th, I saw two traffic jams.  Being Chinese traffic jams, it was interesting to see the actions drivers were taking to get through them.  None of the drivers seemed to believe that waiting in line was the way to get through the jam.  It was every driver for himself trying to get an advantage for himself, and so more confusion and jamming was created.
  • What was it like to live in the renaissance?  It was like being naked after wearing prickly, woolly clothing for a week -- that's what it was like to live in the renaissance.
  • What were the 1960s like?  Stick a wiener up your bum -- that's what it was like to live in the 1960's.  What were the 1960's like in Canada?  The only man to wear sandals and turtleneck in Canada saw someone put a wiener up their bum and decided to bring the practice to Canada -- that's what the 1960s were like in Canada.
  • To walk into the Wuxi Baoli Carrefour on December 24th was to briefly experience the sensation of being in the West for the Christmas shopping season -- the stores were crowded and Christmas music was playing.
  • Tony said "Thank you Daddy" at least ten times on December 24 and December 25.  One time, he thanked his father for giving him a chicken nugget.  Another time, he thanked father for giving him a M&M.
  • The highlight of the Kaulins family Christmas Day in Wuxi was to be able to talk to the family in Canada, via MSN.  Otherwise, the Kaulins Wuxi China Christmas was not (traditional).  Tony played with his new train set all day, while Dad did some reading.  Andis read an inspiring article about Chesterton's standing up for fairy tales, and the Pope's summation of the year 2010 -- "Only the truth saves" will become Andis's motto.  About 330 pm, Tony wanted to go out.  Andis took him to the Hui Shan Big Bridge to watch boat traffic.  There was not much luck with buses this day.  On the way to the bridge, Andis wanted to take the 602 bus.  It was just their luck that the bus just left the stop as they were coming to it -- this meant a twenty minute wait for the next 602 bus.  Thankfully, Tony didn't seem to mind.  He seemed content to sit on Dad's shoulders.  Andis saw a foreigner come to the bus stop, and pretended to not see him -- it was the first time that Andis ever shared that stop with a "laowai".  Andis didn't want his exile ruined by some drunken-looking yob which was the what the guy looked like. Andis even wondered if the guy was Russian.  (Andis could tell he was a foreigner a mile off)  The 602 bus finally came and the K boys got their seat.  Off the bus, they had a nice walk under the tracks of the Wuxi Metro being constructed over Hui Shan Da Dao Road.  Andis took a good video showing the tawdriness of it.  Near the Hui Shan Big Bridge, Andis needed to take a piss.  He put Tony down and so Tony started to wail and flop and kick.  Andis got really mad at Tony telling him that he needed to take a piss and wasn't abandoning him.  Andis finally took his piss in the bushes as Tony cried.  Tony calmed down when his Dad picked him up again.  They then walked along the canal shores and Andis took another video of the bridge being constructed that would take the Wuxi metro over the Hui Shan Big Bridge Canal.  They next walked on the Hui Shan Big Bridge.  Tony liked watching the boats travelling the canal, but Andis started to feel really cold and decided it was time to go home.  It was just his luck to see the 602 bus drive past as they were walking to the bus stop -- this meant another twenty minute wait.  Tony fell asleep sitting on Andis's shoulders at about this time.  So, Andis had to hold on to Tony for about twenty minutes till the bus came.  It wasn't such a bad thing at the beginning -- Andis liked the experience of having a little soul relying on him.  It was what Christmas was about -- being in modest circumstances like the Christ child.  But just before the bus finally did come, the holding onto Tony was a burden that no longer seemed to have a Christmas glamor to it.  Andis had to rest on a knee for a few minutes.
  • I took an online quiz which pegged me as a moderate conservative, politically.  Damn!  I hate the word "moderate" being attached to "conservative".  It is about as kooky as the label "Progressive Conservative" that the Tories gave themselves before finally amalgamating with the Reform Party.  Words like moderate, centrist, and progressive imply a lack of passion or thought in the person who chooses to label himself this way.  I would prefer to be labelled indifferently conservative.  Indifference in this instance implies a true feeling about something -- a "I don't care!" or "have no interest!".  To say you are a moderate or a centrist or an independent means you are afraid to define yourself on your own terms -- you can just "reacting" to the thoughts of others -- being pushed or crushed by them, as it were.
  • Scraggy "Christmas Day" cat -- my compassion goes out to it.
  • Instead of a "no labels" movement which is the result of fuzzy thinking, why not a movement for "truth in labeling"?  No-labelists would best be labelled as idiots.  Moderates would best be called fence-sitters.  Progressives would be best called Big Central Government Supporters.
  • My life is dreary, but not my thoughts.  People who recount their "exciting experiences" are often the dreariest of thinkers.  They always say "I saw", "I saw", "I saw", "I heard", and "I went to"...  Never, I thought.
  • Poetry and Fairy Tales -- proof that Atheism can never be and just won't do.
  • Atheism means no miracles -- only luck and coincidence.
  • I ask the students what workers are overpaid.  They always answer government workers.

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