Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 5 Notes

  • It is my brother Ron's birthday today.  He is lives in Winnipeg, Canada.  You can see his photo at all my blogs.
  • I have a new video on my youku channel:  Wuxi, China Kung Fu Fighting.
  • What is Tony up to?  Visit here and here to find out.
  • Have you been going to the doctor lately? I asked students in a class about going to the doctor.  One girl said she was.  I said "Oh!" and thought that maybe she was pregnant -- for she was an attractive girl and at about the right age....     And then she told me she was one month pregnant.
  • I taught a conversation class about divorce.  It just so happened that one of students had divorced parents.  I felt weird talking about the topic after.  And I didn't raise the question of whether or not divorce was bad for children.
  • I had a fit of coughing so bad that I had to end a class prematurely.  My cough sounded wheezy and I was gasping for breath.  I was teary-eyed afterwards.  I had been feeling stuffed-up with a headache.  I hadn't taken any medicine.  I hadn't bothered to blow my nose.  I had assumed that the cough was going away.  But it seems now that it is coming back with a vengeance.  The cough reminds me of the long lingering winter coughs I had in Manitoba, Canada.

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