Thursday, December 16, 2010

John Derbyshire is Heartless?

During a recent Radio Derb podcast, John Derbyshire really laid into W for his program to fight AIDS in Africa.  W's program was successful on Progressive terms, though most Progressives would be loath to admit that a White Christian Texan could do such things.  Derb objected not so much to what Bush did, then to the fact that Bush used the money of others to do it.  Said Derb:  Bush seems not to understand the difference between private giving from one's own pocket, and the giving of other people's money that governments can do by taxation.  Derb would have no problem with W having using his own money, or money raised, without coercion, to fight AIDS in Africa.

However, supporters of what Bush did in Africa brought out a quote where Derb said he didn't care about some Egyptians drowning.  Derb said the following:  I learned that the ship was in fact a ferry, the victims all Egyptians. I lost interest at once, and stopped reading. I don't care about Egyptians.  The Quote was in bad form, but there is an undeniable truth behind it:  so many bad things are happening all that the time, that we have to not give them much thought if we want to live our lives.  And no Egyptians should be expected to shed tears if John Derbyshire drowned -- he wouldn't expect them to take the trouble. 

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