Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Friday, December 9, 2010 Notes

  • Jenny's father will buy a three-wheel car in the countryside of Jiangyin.
  • I have been listening to a BBC podcast about the life of Malcolm McClaren, the manage of the Sex Pistols -- my fascination with the Sex Pistols is renewed.  Right Wingers, said a guest on the podcast, were attracted to Punk Rock in the '70s.  So McClaren was a genius, at the time, for recognizing the spirit of the generation.
  • Can I make a splash in my late forties?  I shouldn't try -- I have no ability.  Still, if I was able, should I?  Do I want to be Catholic or famous?  The first choice would be easier and practical.
  • My handwriting is bird scratch.  My teeth are yellow. 
  • I have been wearing a toque in the house.  (Canadians will know what I mean).
  • Obama is despised by his opponents because of his ideas and beliefs.  Sarah Palin is hated by her opponents because of what she is -- a  White, Church-going American.
  • Questions for Hitchens.  Is Atheism a pose?  Has Atheism benefited mankind?  Is Atheism reasonable?  Were the Nazis and Communists Atheists? 
  • What can replace the religious urges that mankind has?  Celebrity worship?  Sports fandom?  

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