Friday, August 20, 2010

Son of a whatyoucallit!

The so-called workers who decorate Chinese apartments (putting in the walls and flooring and fixtures and what not), will, when finished,  take all the garbage from their work and dump where they can.  If they could, they would probably dump it right outside the front doors of the apartments.  And  they would probably leave it in the apartments, if they could as well, for they are that lazy.  What I have seen done is that many workers will leave the garbage in the nearest stairwell (which is not used because there are elevators).
Now, the apartment building I am living in, the workers cannot do this because the stairways do lead to the entrances of the apartments, and there is no elevator (I wonder if they would dump the garbage down the shaft).  So what they have done is dump the garbage outside the front door of our building on the lawn.  As I write, this garbage has been sitting there for four days.  I don't know whose job it is to get rid of the garbage, and  my wife hasn't been around so a major impetus to action being done about this hasn't happened yet. 
I can hardly wait till my wife comes home this Sunday.  If the powers that be are smart, they will have moved the garbage by then.
How this makes me feel:  In the meanwhile, if you ever happen to see apartment decoration workers in a Chinese apartment, I say you should feel free to give them a elbow or trip them so they fall down stairs.  It wouldn't be a big loss for civilization -- Chinese or otherwise.
To be fair:  Maybe they don't make enough money and the powers that be probably never thought of the garbage problem.  But still....

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