Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FMLB24 Season Two World Series Games 5 to 8

Entering the fifth game of the FMLB24 Season Two World Series, the Expos and Yankees were tied at two games apiece.  They split the next four games to force a ninth and deciding game (the result of which will be revealed in a future entry).  In games five to eight, the Yankees outscored the Expos 23 to 9 -- an average game score of Yankees 6 Expos 2.  However, the Yankees scored too many runs in the games they won.  In Game six, their prolific offence could only score one run -- two more runs would have seen them win the World Series.
Game #5   Yankees  10   Expos 1

Game #6   Yankees   1    Expos  2

Game #7   Yankees   8    Expos  0

Game #8   Yankees  4     Expos  6

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