Sunday, August 8, 2010

AKIC's List of Great and Notable Australians

Below is my list of great and notable Australians.  I don't suggest, for a second, that the list is authoritative.  In fact, I have made the list off the top of my head, and would appreciate any corrections and suggestions you have to make it better.  I have to admit I think that Australia is strange, and ungainly in its tastes and aesthetics.  But, be that as it may, I like the occasional Harry, Bruce, and Mel.

Yul Brynner  The bald-headed singer of Midnight Oil became a cabinet minister.
Mister Clean  This cartoon characer and first lead singer of Midnight Oil died tragically in a plane crash and then became a Labour Cabinet Minister.

Mel Torme  Nicknamed the Velvetaroo Fogarogagong, this actor from the Crazy Max and Highway Fiighter series made a well-received movie about the prophet Mohamed proving that there was a market for religious movies uncatered to by Hollywood.

Kirk Gibson  The Australian Major Leaguer hit memorable World Series Home Runs for the Tigers and Dodgers.

Kurt Waldheim  This Australian served as U.N. Secretary General.

Adolf Hitler  This Australian managed to get himself elected chancellor of Germany in the 1930s.

Bruce Lee  Made Kung Fu popular all over the world before his untimely death.

Lenny Bruce  This comedian introduced the popular activity of public swearing to the U.S.A.

Mark Roswell (Da Shan)  This Australian Prime Minister earned quite a following for himself with his Chinese speaking abilities.
Franz Joseph  This Emperor played a major role in the formation of the Australian-Hungarian Empire.
Joseph Haydn  Great Musical Composer.  All his concertos were fair dinkins
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  Brisbane's contribution to world culture.
Michael Haydn  This Tansmanian has nothing to answer for.
Johan Strauss Austrailia's musical legacy puts Canada to shame!
Franz Kazfa  Who can read his famous story of a man waking up to find he was a Kangaroo and not be moved?
Rainer Maria Rilke  His poem Walter sings in the Matilda Patch became the Austrailian National Anthemn.
Frederich Hayek  The greatest Economist ever -- way better than the Marx Brothers or Michael Keyne.
Ludwig Von Mises The great 20th Century Philosopher was born in Melbourne.
Bruce Springsteen:  Great Rock Star.  Perhaps, the greatest Australia has ever produced.
Bruce Willis:   Action Movie Star.  His famous movies included Dierigaroo  Hardaboo.  He was discredited after video of him beating up Demi Moore was shown on Youtube.

Bruce Sutter:  Super Closer for the Chicago Koalos and then St. Louis Cardinals

Bruce Hurst:  The Greatest Left Handed pitcher in Boston Red Socceroo History.

Pierre Trudeau:  The Devil he was.  A penis with ears.  He was rightly called "an asshole" by President Richard Burton.  He was Australia's Obama, Fidel Castro, Lord Sauron of Mordor, Hugo Chavez, and Benito Mussolini all rolled into one.  But you have to give this Devil his due, he changed Australia forever.

Niel Young:  Born in Winnipeg, Canada, he moved to Sydney to become one of the founding brothers of the hard rock band AC/DC.  He wrote some of their greatest songs including "I was shaken by you all night long!"; "The Bells of Hell"; "Giving a Bone to the Dog", "Struck by Thunder", and "We will rock for those of you who are about to salute us!".

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