Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bilbo's Bloggins?

Bilbo's Bloggins?  Well!  I am reading the Lord of the Rings now.  I have all three novels omplete in a volume which I bought at Burton Lysecki Books in Winnipeg, Canada.

Annoying  I got on the bus because it had air-conditioning and seats.  Just as I was all set up -- I had my reading glasses on and TLOR on my lap, I noticed that the bus driver was outside inspecting something.  Soon after, he told everyone to go on another bus.  I lost my seat and was forced to stand on the other bus -- rendering the point of my having boarded the bus in the first place, mute.

I would use Youtube if I could.  Unfortunately, it is blocked in China and I am unable to upload to it.  Tony and Jenny don't allow me to do this.

Chinese Sleeping.  Coming home by bus, late one evening, I seven men sleeping on grass between the curb and the sidewalk.  They were all in shorts, and looked, for all the world, like a litter of puppies sleeping near their mother.
Short Sightings.  I saw a man run off the bus but not before quickly taking an empty bottle out of the garbage can that is often found near the rear Bus exit on most Wuxi municipal transit buses.  I later saw a woman on an electric bicycle close a door on a taxi she was passing because it hadn't been closed properly by the exiting passenger.
Derb is a cyclist.  Read about it here.  I love his referral to this fellow named Norman Tebbit.  Tebbit told the unemployed to ride on their bikes till they found work -- good practical advice deemed heartless by lefties.  I followed Tebbit's advice all those years ago when I moved to B.C. Canada on a prayer and a month's savings.  I quickly found a job which wasn't at all glamorous but I stuck it out till something better came along.

Strange place to fix a truck.  Saturday morning, I was taking the bus to work.  At one point in the journey, the bus had to go the wrong way down the road because a truck was parked so as to block all the lanes going in one direction.  Vehicles, could have gone around the truck but it was parked close to a median leaving little room for bigger vehicles to turn into the proper lane.  The cab of the parked truck was raised so a man could repair it.  And so it was not only a strange place to repair a vehicle -- it was also a strange place to stall out.

Uplift your breasts  At a bus stop by Baoli, I saw an advertisement for breast enlargement which showed a man choking on his wine glass as he caught a glance at some up-lifted breasts.  The man looked like a crony capitalist.

Subway Construction near the Hui Shan Big Bridge.  Everyday, I have a chance to see how construction on the subway from Hui Shan City to Li Hu Park is proceeding.  The most interesting stretch of construction is by the long Hui Shan Big Bridge.  The train will go over a canal here.  Two platforms have been constructed from which construction of the actual train bridge will proceed.  Boat traffic is having to wind its way through the small opening afforded them between the two platforms.

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