Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunday (AKIC Thursday) Headlines

Standing between seats on the Bus
Saturday morning, I saw this young person standing between two seats on a bus.  He was doing this at the back of the bus.  The back seats on the bus  were above the engine so the there was no space under the back seats. The space between the back seat was taken up by a surface that one can stand on.  So standing on the surface, the young man had his arms spread out wide grasping onto two poles used by people standing in a normal way.  To stand out more, this fellow was talking to his friends loudly.  Many on the bus were giving him a curious, cursory glance.
All the Xihui Park videos I took on Wednesday have finally been uploaded to Youtube.  Uploading isn't so easy from here in China.
Saturday night, Tony went to bed quietly, in my arms, with no wrestling.  Wonderful!
Podcast Saturday
Saturday afternoon, I download them off Itunes.  The rest of the day when opportunity affords I listen to them. 
Yesterday, I listened to John Derbyshire, PJM political, JWisdsom, and Econtalk.  I learned that Woody Allen is still alive and made yet another movie about an old guy having an affair with an attractive young woman.  John Derbyshire talked of a report that America, the most obese nation on Earth, has 50 million people starving -- the Obama administration was on the ball talking of getting Americans to be in touch with the problem.  Richard Posner said the current economic crisis was caused by unsound monetary policy, and bad, lax regulation.

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