Monday, November 9, 2009

Jenny and Tony go to Beixing

Wife and Son to Return Friday
I will be spending my days off lying on the couch at home watching DVDs and listening to some Hardcore History Pod casts.  But, feat not rare and volatile AKIC readers!  I will be thinking of ways to keep you entertained, informed, enlightened, amused, and intellectually challenged.

Jenny will be doing what she got to be doing while in her hometown.

Dentist on Wednesday
I thought I was finished at the dentist, but I will be going one more time I just learned.  Connie, HyLite student and friend of AKIC, will accompany me.  Maybe, I will be undergoing the mandatory pain session.

Wrestling Videos
I hope you are enjoying the wrestling videos I have been doing.  I plan on doing fifty more of them at least for your viewing pleasure.

It is raining heavily at 1600.  So, it looks like I will be taking the bus and taxi home tonight.

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