Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cold Tuesday or Friday, depending on the way you look at it

And it is wet too
It is cold and wet in the Wux this morning. My morning shower ritual now involves me putting on heaters and heat lamps for a while before I disrobe.
Round Rooms
No one is with me on this one. I asked the students if they ever wanted their rooms round instead of square and rectangular.
They didn't seem interested.
Family News
It really hits you when you hear news that your parents are getting older. My mother is having trouble walking she tells me.
Giving Tony Orders
Generally, Tony is defiant of his parents' wishes when he understands what we want and this something is something he doesn't want. He has even learned to make his point, to argue, in a short, sharp, exasperated tone of voice. Still, it was nice yesterday when I was able to get him to pick up some things he had thrown on the floor. His manner of putting the things back, a careless non-chalant throw, will earn him admonitions in the future, but for now he did listen which is progress.
He can also understand sit in Chinese and English.
For now, it is cute but Tony can say DVD when he wants to watch one. Yesterday, I was in the kitchen when he came up to me with a DVD disc in his hand. Saying DVD, he lead me to the player and then handed me the remote so I could set up the Disc for him.

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