Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday for Me

Watching Tony watching
I derive pleasure just from watching my son Tony watching t.v.  I know it is probably blasphemy to say that, but he is sitting still.  When he gets too curious, oh my god, I have to look out.
The Jam at Newcastle Gig
Tony and I sat together and watched that seminal punk band The Jam do a concert in Newcastle.  The concert footage is on a DVD of the band's videos I bought in Canada.  Tony and I never seem to get tired of watching it.  Last night, it was cute because he fell asleep just before the concert's end.  Fell asleep in my arms, he did.
Tony wounds me
Currently, I have got a red gash on my nose courtesy Tony.  He had grabbed my nose, digging in with his nails.  On four other occaisions over the AKIC weekend, he threw toys at me hitting me in the face.  I can't count the other times he missed.  My wife says it serves me right.  I have been teaching him lessons in how to engage in horseplay, violently.
Sleek will stay parked
It is still cold and damp.  Poor Sleek won't be able to roam with me.  What a shame.

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