Friday, November 27, 2009

Saturday (AKIC Wednesday) Headlines

Thankfully, I don't include many photos of myself in this blog.  But this morning, as I stood at the bus I got to thinking.  I didn't start thinking that I should put more photos of myself in the blog.  No sir!  Tony's photos will do fine.  No one really wants to see how age how crept up to me. But I thought that if there was one image that would encapsulate my experience in China, it would be of me standing at a bus stop  waiting along with lots of locals for the bus.  I guess you could also take a photo of me standing in a crowded bus but it would just be my head you would see.  The bus stop image would do it.

The Kaulins family may be going to Nanjing this next AKIC weekend (that be Tuesday and Wednesday).  The wife has to see a close friend and wants to go shopping at Ikea.  I just want to go to eat hot dogs at Ikea, and sit in the cafeteria there and read some Louis L'Amour or Michael Crichton.

Something big in the works?
I am feeling kind of I-can't-think-of-the-word.  My mind seems a blank.  I have to really think hard to find something to talk or blahg about. Not much has happened lately.  The mediocrity of Obama and the Left is boring.  Life with Tony and Jenny is good but not newsworthy - thank God.   My favorite blogger has a similar feeling of sorts.  He said this:  

I spent a good part of the morning reading news stories, and I simply didn't find anything blogworthy. I don't know whether there's something wrong with me or the news. I have an odd feeling that this moment in history resembles an indrawn breath. Nothing seems to be happening, except for wrangles over ludicrous legislation, ludicrous treaties. It feels empty and meaningless. Nothing seems to be happening, but something is about to happen, something momentous, something that will put all these trivia out, as city lights extinguish the stars.

 In my life, I do have a nagging feeling about a bill about to come to due -- a bill I have thought constantly but procrastinated about all the while.  I pray to have the courage to deal with any tests life will throw me and my family.  Personal disasters scare me more than World disasters  -- I don't know why this should be.  

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