Friday, November 20, 2009

Hectic Morning

Get us to the bus station on time!
It feels warmer today (Saturday).  I felt it to be so when I took Tony outside this morning.  Carrying him and then getting on a very crowded bus had me  feeling sweaty.

Jenny and Tony went to Beixing for four days which was why I was carrying Tony.  This morning, he wasn't very enthused about having to get up four hours earlier then had been his habit, which because of the cold weather had been to get up very late.  I wasn't very enthused because Jenny didn't get up when she said she was going to  -- she told me to wake her up at 730, but because she lingered in bed till 800, she had me thinking she was going to catch an afternoon bus instead of the 930 am bus to Beixing.  Getting up as late as she did caused us to have to rush and run to get to the bus station on time.  

The bus going downtown and the bus station was also packed to the gills.  Saturday morning is the worst time of the week to take the #25 bus.

What a morning it was!

What will I do now?
With the wife and son away, I will have to choose between DVDs, MP3, writing, or reading a book.  I will probably try and do all at once, and so not get anything out of the experience.

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