Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, Monday (Thursday, Thursday) Bloggings

Thursday is my back to work day
Oh! The freshly, newly-minted, never-ending horrors that await me!

Cool things Tony has been doing lately
  • Arriving home by taxi, Tony got out first and tried to open the door for me. It is great when he tries to be of help. The little man can be the little gentlemen.
  • Last time I took him to school, he kissed all the girls. And he was a real gentleman about it.
  • Tony tried to carry the shopping basket when we went shopping last evening.
  • Jenny couldn't find her phone so I phoned it. The ring came from a Wheaties box where Tony had been packing things. I laughed while Jenny looked miffed.
  • Pushing my bike up the flat ledge that you will see on the side of stairways, Tony didn't cry because he had to walk. Having learned the procedure, he duly and happily ran up the side of the stairs himself. He is showing understanding.
  • Tony was pointing a toy gun. I know not cool in the West but whatever....
I am taking the bus today
Sleek is acting funny in the rain so I am going to have to take the bus to and from work. The last time I rode, Sleek shorted out because it was dank.

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