Saturday, November 7, 2009

Get to Sleep!

Way past his bedtime
Tony, the little bugger, was killing me.  If he was asleep by his normal bedtime, I could have done some reading; as it was, I did a lot of pleading.  Tony didn't fall asleep till past midnight last night.  He was in a rambunctious stomp-on-Dad mood like in the wrestling video that you may or may not have seen, depending on which site you are reading this entry.
Foggy or Smoggy
Whatever it is, it is thick outside this morning.
How's the weather in England now?
A local asked me that because she is going there next month for business.
Holmes' Home
Ida and I did an Expo English event at community in which a student of ours, Holmes, resides.  He took us to his home which was a top floor, penthouse, two floor apartment.  I was impressed by how big it was.  Thinking I had seen everything on the first floor, which was impressive enough, I noticed stairs leading to a second floor which had equally impressive sights like big rooms and lots of storage.
The apartment had a piano which begged the question, in my mind, of how Homes was able to have it brought up the six flights of narrow stairs.  He told me it took six men and 600 rmb to get it up there.
  • A motorcycle taxi going down the street honks his horn at every pedestrian he sees.
  • Talking about the word "fainting", one of my students mentioned how in high school, students practicing military drill will faint on parade squares all the time because of the summer heat and the long time spend at attention.
  • Looking outside, I see an old man swinging his arms as he takes his morning walk.  The swinging of limbs that I always see the older Chinese do seems very ungraceful in the manner of a sedentary person suddenly forced to sprint.
  • As time moves deeper into November, I put on more layers.  I can now wear a jacket top so permits me to wear my not-so-presentable clothes to work.

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