Friday, July 9, 2010


Beat the Landlord 
There is a popular card game played by the locals called "Beat the Landlord".  The player designated landlord gets more cards than the other players, and so all the other players try to take the cards away from him.  Whether this game originated in the People's Republic is something I haven't yet to determine.

What do Chinese students think of Prince Charles?
He is ugly.  He has big ears and small eyes.

Vomit Day
From the bus I was in, I saw rice and brown spew on the side of a bus below a window over which leaned a very sick person.

Someone later vomited  on the bus I was on.

Trouble comes in three.  When will the next Vomit episode occur?

God!  Not with Tony I hope! (It didn't thankfully)

Bus Books or Books I read on the Bus
Currently, Dune and the Collected Poems of Ezra Pound.  I am re-reading Dune.  I remember being quite taken with the novel in my early twenties but I couldn't remember the plot.  Pound writes mesmerizing poetry.

My home book or book I read at home is the Collected Works of Flannery O'Connor.

One Choice at any time
All these people I see on the street -- they can can only choose one thing to do in any instance.  And yet they drive like they do.  They can't see the forests for the trees.  They are so stuck in their situation that they can't step back.
The locals in repose
I saw a man sleeping on a traffic median.  His bike parked near by, he lay a mat on the median, which was in the shade.
I saw a man lying back asleep on his motorcycle that was parked at an intersection.
The strangest sight of a local in repose I saw at the bus stop near my home.  Behind the bus stop, is a sidewalk which runs beside some grass which borders against a metal fence.   On the other side of the fence there are trees which hang over the fence and shade the grass.  In was in this shaded grass that I saw a young man, maybe in his early twenties, wearing no shirt and probably no shoes, sitting and playing with his mobile phone.  He looked like an animal (pardon me for saying so) hiding in the grass.  I thought of all the people I seen doing their business near and around where was sitting.

Empty Bus
On July 8, 2010, I boarded a #25 bus that was empty and stayed empty when it got me downtown -- so remarkable that I must make note of it.

Feeling after Canada Trip
Family is most important.  And I have my feet in two camps but don't feel like I am part of either.

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