Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rain and more Rain

  • It has been raining steadily for two days straight.  One area my bus passed through in Wuxi was flooded because of it.
  • I watched the World Cup Final.  It was ugly but at least someone scored so that the match didn't have to be decided by penalty kicks.  And there were scoring chances, even a couple of breakaways, but because the flow of the game was ruined by constant fouling, yellow carding, and arguments with the ref, these scoring chances had no build-up, and thus brought on no excitement.
  • I saw a variation of the lone-shoe-abandoned-on-the-street phenomenon as I walked to work: two shoe soles laying at a street corner -- why the soles were there and where the rest of the shoes were could be a source of endless speculation if one thought about them too much.

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