Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A wonderful day off

It may well be premature on my part to say that my day off is wonderful.  For who knows?  Something may go wrong.
Global Un-Warming
One of my students told me that he thinks that Global Warming is part of a plot by Western countries to stop countries like China from developing.  I told him that I thought Global Warming was part of a plot of developing countries to shake down Western countries for money.  Perhaps, Global Warming is just a plot to ruin the world all round.
Chinese in Cleveland
A student of mine tells he has a friend living in Cleveland.  This friend tells him that Blacks hate Chinese and that they will frequently tell his friend to go back where he came from.
People stare at me, and my appearing on the scene is enough to have them exclaim "laowai!" but I don't detect any animosity -- just curiosity and amusement.
An email from a Rare Reader
I never thought my blog to be inspirational.  But then I just got this email, from a rare reader, from which I have cut and pasted the following passages:
I still check your website now and again for those great Tony updates, in fact, you've inspired me a bit.  My son was born a couple of weeks ago;.....What has inspired me are your 'Tony Updates'. (Italics mine) My wife and I are thinking of relocating back to China this year and your video blogs seem to be a great way for the family back home to see the little one grow.
Congratulations to this rare reader and his wife.
It is so important for my parents to see their grandson that I think the 513 WTU's I have made so far just aren't enough.

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