Sunday, January 31, 2010

The First of February

February Day
Why isn't there a holiday to celebrate the start of the second day of the month?  Why is it that only May and January have the privilege?
Outside, it is drab and damp.
Cosmic Turtle
Tony received a toy turtle at the CNY dinner.  The turtle plays music and displays lights of various colours.  There are star and moon shaped holes on the shell, so that in a dark room, the shapes light up the walls and ceiling.  Tony finds the effect most fascinating, and so the fall-a-sleep session with his father can be spent in the dark and even under the blankets where the canvas of stars is more colourful and closer.
The Turtle's lights are quite interesting; however, the music it plays is grating.
Looking at the shapes on the ceiling, Tony says "Moon!".
Hui Shan Tesco Review
There is no review available.  Perhaps, a review will be forthcoming in the next three days.  But there is a chance that maybe the review will have to wait another week.

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