Sunday, January 17, 2010

It is my Friday; not yours.

My office is blessed by a Monk
Sunday afternoon, a Buddhist Monk walked around the school throwing rice everywhere.  I suppose it was a way of blessing the school or something.  I made sure he threw rice in my office.
The cynical among us questioned why they needed to do that.  I didn't mind it.  It nice to see some belief in the supernatural in this country which has hitherto been too soulless for its' own good.
Tony puts shoes in sofa cushion
Tony greeted me as I arrived home Sunday evening wearing only one shoe.  It is the way with toddlers that their shoes are always coming off and they seem nonplussed that they only have one shoe.  I looked for the other shoe for about thirty minutes before I discovered that he had put the shoe in a sofa cushion.  He loves to zip and unzip the cushion case.  And he was playing with the cushion, I recall, when I got through the door....
Tuesday and Wednesday are my Weekend, almost.
It would be a weekend for me except for the fact that I am doing three classes of overtime on Tuesday night.

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