Friday, January 29, 2010


Why ask?
What is there that can be discussed today for your edification and entertainment?  Where is the Muse?
Why do they do that?
Why did the taxi driver have to take two fares at the same time, and somehow not think that he would annoy one of the passengers by going a long way off the usual route?
Why do these performances have to be done?
Why do the Chinese have to have performances at their parties or gatherings?  Can't people just sit and talk and mingle?
What is _____?
What is Beauty?  What is Good?  Are beauty and good the same?  Will the students be able to distinguish them, or will they insist that their grandmother is beautiful because she has a nice personality?

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Anonymous said...

AKIC...Please be sure to tell us how you celebrate/enjoy New Years. RichFromTampa